Wedding Night

Frequent Questions

Can I remain at the Hotel later than 15.00 hrs, the next day?
It depends on our disponibility but generally there is no problem. We beg you to inform us previously, so we may please you.

If I get marry at midday, may I check-in the Hotel by morning?
Yes, there isn’t any problem. You may do it since 8.00 am, but you must inform us previously, at what time you wish to check-in.

How many people can I invite to the Hotel in the Wedding afternoon(or morning), besides the staff people I have contracted?
It depends on you, but we advice you, not to invite too many, so you will be more peaceful. Remember that the free tea is only for two persons.

Do I have a special offer if we stay a second night?
It depends on our disponibility. Please contact Maria Jose Arcelus to know about the rate.

Can we use all the Hotel’s services?
Yes, you can. We have a pool and sauna too.

At what time is tea served?
It depends on the hour you had set with the staff you contracted, principally the make-up artist. Tea service can be required since 16.00 hrs.

Until what time breakfast service is open?
It’s open until 11.00 hrs am out of this hour, it’s additionally charged. We recommended you to ask for it, at the moment you wake up.

How many days anticipation reservation ought to be done?
There isn’t a punctual time, but we advice you to do it the sooner as possible.

What about payment?
You’ll pay 50% at the moment you sign in for the service. If you can’t do it personally at the Hotel, we’ll go where your decide to sing in. You will pay the rest when you leave the Hotel.

Is there an electricity – generator equipment, just in case lights turn off?
Yes, and it turns on automatically.

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